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About P I X R I P A R I A – Alan Kehoe moved to Hawley as his weekend home twenty years ago. He continues to work as a semi-retired private chef/caterer while also exploring photography from his studio, in what was once a knitting factory at 718 Hudson Street, in Hawley, PA. He shares that space with his partner Thomas Colbert, an established fine art painter (www.colbertstudio.com). The studio building is adjacent to their home, which was built in 1854 as the D & H Canal’s depot and paymaster’s office.
PIX+ RIPARIA   =    Pictures + Riparian*
*Riparian – of, relating to, or situated or dwelling on the bank of a river or other body of water. 





Alan Kehoe    720 Hudson Street , Hawley  PA    570 226 3216

email: pixriparia@gmail.com